Centre for Understanding and Deradicalisation


Harmony through understanding

The Centre for Understanding and Deradicalisation is a group of like-minded individuals whose aim is to provide pathways away from radicalisation by understanding and addressing the historical and religious motivations for Islamic extremism. The purpose of the Centre is to develop the relevant resources and programmes, and to provide information, educational and consultative services and support, with a focus on using reason and evidence to encourage critical and rational thought.

The radicalisation of Muslim youth has become an issue of concern both to Muslim and non-Muslim communities. This can lead to alienation, disempowerment, loss and grief, as well as poor socio-economic outcomes, and at worst, to violent extremism. Approaches to deradicalisation that emphasise community involvement can be useful, but may be less effective than those that can also focus on the religious motivations for radicalisation in an objective manner.

We support a multi-dimensional approach to deradicalisation, increasing understanding of its underlying causes, and redressing these causes by developing an increased capacity for critical thinking in evaluating motivations. An important part of this is to gain an appreciation of early history from an independent and scientific viewpoint. A further element is to develop an appreciation of human rights and of the benefits of forms of social organisation that allow freedom of thought and freedom of speech. We are motivated to provide these services because we believe that approaches to deradicalisation will be ineffective unless they address these most critical issues.

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The Centre for Understanding and Deradicalisation was formed in late 2015.

CUNDRA, PO Box 6004, Melbourne Vic 6004