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Individual testimonies from Ex-Muslims in Australia
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Losing Your Religion: Ex-Muslims Speak Out  
Conference held in Melbourne, 09 February 2019

Shift the Script
An evolutionary conversation project focused on Ex-Muslims, and inviting you to help.

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ABC News - Secret ex-Muslim network in Australia

Losing Your Religion: Ex-Muslims Speak Out
Conference held in Melbourne, 10 February 2018
Melbourne Ex-Muslims Meetup

Becoming ex-Muslim - SBS News

Individual testimonies from Ex-Muslims in Australia

Sabeena Mozaffar - Ex-Muslim conference presenter

My family, my social circle, my peers in the university and random strangers on the street. As a vocal ex-muslim I have attempted to speak to all of the above about the topic of Islam. And this simple attempt to start up conversations has left me with some memorable nicknames: a bigot, an islamophobe, a disgrace to the family name, a whore, a sell out to the west and an imposter. ... more

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Nickky Jean - Ex-Muslim conference presenter

Confused, missguided, liar, traitor: these are just some of the words Muslims use to describe ExMuslims because to them only a confused, misguided lying traitor would leave the most perfect religion and dare to speak about it.

I was around 3 or 4 when my mother converted to Islam because to her it made more sense that Christianity or Judaism. The day she took her shahadah she put on the hijab and she changed our names from our Western ones to Muslim ones. However, it wasnít long until my mother fell down the rabbit hole of Islamic extremism ... more

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A Muslim's Way Out of Islam, by Achal Adhuli

I think books taught me to think and judge things rationally, to escape from the world of prejudice and irrational beliefs. Books were my true liberator, it's the best companion I ever had. But, it wasn't always fun. My family didn't take it lightly as they were noticing some change in me and also my teachers at school. In fact it was the ... more

Secularism and Pakistan: an emigrant's view, by Ibn Al-Maarri

I have recently migrated to Australia. I grew up in Pakistan and after living the first 25 years of my life there. I had later moved to Dubai for professional reasons. I was born and raised in a Muslim family but I canít technically be classified as an ex-Muslim as religion has never made sense to me.... more

What Islam does to an individual, by AL Faris Shahwan

The doctrine of Islam completely crushes the individual's personality, detaches off his liberty and then directs his thinking and skills in a particular pattern ... it fully tames him just like a circus animal

Helping others overcome the fear of Allah: Idris Hasan

My personal journey saw me grow up to be a devoted Muslim, and in my adulthood question my beliefs and eventually leave Islam. My book was written in the hope that it can help others who are struggling to overcome that same fear and doubt, and to add to the conversation of how ex-Muslims are treated after leaving Islam by their family, friends and community. See The First Domino: The Systematic Collapse Of My Belief In Allah (right click if it does not open)

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Mission statement
Australian Ex-Muslims is a not-for-profit  group that provides a forum for people who have left the Muslim faith. It provides an opportunity for people to express their views, and share experiences, anonymously if they wish. Many Ex-Muslims  feel traumatised and intimidated and fear ostracism by family and friends or even worse kinds of recrimination, as a result of leaving Islam. This site is intended to give people in this situation a sense of reassurance and mutual support.

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