How eFooty works

Sending in your tips is easy with eFooty. You don't need to go to any web site to enter your tips. You don't even have to like football. ( But you do, of course ! )

Once your email address is registered with eFooty, you will receive an email tipping form every week from eFooty. All you have to do is reply to this message. If not all players have an email address, that's OK. Several players can use the same email.

You must reply before closing time, normally 5pm on the day of the first match of the round (usually Friday). You will receive an automated reply from eFooty, confirming your tips for the round. If you want to change your tips any time before closing, that's OK. Just send them again. You can send your tips from your work or your home email if you want to. You just have to register an alternative email address with eFooty. But only you (or your manager) can send in your tips. The tipping form contains a special security code to prevent misuse.

On Mondays (or after the round is completed) you will receive an email from eFooty telling you how many you got right and your current score in the competition. Your competition manager will receive a list showing all the player scores. This can easily be printed and displayed in your office.

To get started, enter players etc., the competition manager should first register your competion with eFooty. Once registered the manager is able to access and manage your competition details on line.

Note: eFooty does not issue any prizes. That is up to your competition manager to arrange.