Managing an eFooty competition

When you register with eFooty, you become the competition manager or Supervisor. When registering, as well as other details, you must select a name for your competition. Because you will have access to your players' scores and other management details, you also need to specify a security password.

After registering, you will receive a Competition ID by email. To log in to the Supervisor Area, you will be prompted for a Username and Password. The Username you need to specify is your Competition ID. The password is the one specified when you registered. Remember your password. If forgotten, contact here

In the Supervisor area you have access to a page allowing you to do all the things necessary to set up and maintain your competition. You can add (and delete) players, specify competition details, send out additional tipping forms, even modify scores if necessary.

For managing your competion, eFooty requires only a small payment of $1 per person per year, rounded up to the nearest 10. So for 45 people the charge is $50 (plus GST). Payment is required after April 1, so you have a free trial till then. For payment details, see our Payments page. (Accessible from Supervisor Area).